What I’d really like for Valentine’s Day

Unless you live in a box, in a locked room, in a house in the middle of nowhere, you will be painfully aware that Valentine’s Day is pretty much here.

If you ARE living in that particular circumstance blink twice and we’ll send help.

The adverts will have us believe that for Valentine’s Day all us ladies want roses, chocolates, pink fizz (because pink is love), silver heart pendants complete with cubic zirconia and sexy lingerie to look lovely for our partner.

This isn’t the kind of stuff I really want as a show of undying love.
I like chocolate daily and I’d rather have the figure of the model inthe lingerie rather than that the uncomfortable looking pants. Besides, no one need to see me bulging over the top of a corset like a raw sausage being squashed from the middle.

What would I REALLY like for Valentine’s Day?
I’ll be honest, I don’t know, poor Rory doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting it right does he?
I like the idea of some romantic gesture or gift but I don’t know what (unless he’s ready to put a ring on it – my finger that is).

Am I an anomaly?  I decided to ask some lovely, blogging ladies I know what they would like for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t want anything, I’m not planning on getting anything for him. It’s just going to be another regular evening of me parenting and him at work. Although if he paid for me to get a takeaway so I didn’t have to cook I wouldn’t say no! – Kayleigh, Candyfloss & Dreams

I want to have a lovely relaxed lunch with the hubby, and maybe a browse around some shops. We work all the time and never just go out as the two of us! – Nikki, Riding Boots for Boo

I’d like a curry please! – Jenny, Mummy Saver, Money Maker

 Flowers. I’d like flowers and posh chocolates. -Erica, The Incidental Parent

I don’t want anything, a lie in would be a bonus but that depends on a 2 year old – Jenni, Chilling with Lucas

Sleep? – Emma Reed

 A meal I don’t have to cook myself would be lovely! – Jessica, Beauties and the Bibs

I want a weekend away to Poland lol!! Matt won’t take me to Kraków again And I have begged him for weeks!!! – Faye, Glossytots 

 How fantastical and x-rated can it be? (Asking for a friend) – Lisa, Pass the Prosecco Please

I’d like a night alone in a hotel room. No partner. No toddler. Just me and a big bed that I don’t have to make. – Katie, The Squirmy Popple

Anything would be nice. Just a peck on the cheek and acknowledgement would be an improvement on status quo  – Fran, Whinge Whinge Wine

A meal out, just adults. Haven’t had that in a very long time – Faith, Raising Moonbows

 I would love a romantic weekend away just the two of us alternatively some Haribos and an I love you would be amazing  – Patricia, White Camellias

So there you have it, conclusive proof that we don’t want for much for Valentine’s Day (except for Lisa’s ‘friend’ – who knows what she is hoping for???).

Just peace and food will do!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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