Real Women #3 – Lisa

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We decided it would be nice to learn more about the ladies who make up our fantastic Les Femmes Ensemble community.

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Let’s crack on
  1. Your name?
  2. Your age? (or thereabouts)
    32(nearer to 33)
  3. What were you like as a child – do you feel that your personality was
    formed then, did anything happen to change it?
     I was shy, withdrawn and anxious, and although I had a happy
    childhood I really wish I had just embraced life and not been so
    scared all the time.
  4. What were you like as a teenager/young adult – how was your
    personality different from that as a child?
    As a teenager things got worse, I was bullied and it wasn’t a fun
    time, it wasn’t until I lost a lot of weight and had a decent hair cut
    aged 17 that things got better. And I hate that about society –
    because I was shy, anxious and quiet I was made fun of and often
    ignored. That’s not cool.
  5. What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it? Is it what you
    originally trained to do?
    I’m a dental nurse and receptionist, which is indeed what I trained
    to do and started doing age 17. I have reached a point where I don’t
    perhaps enjoy it as much as I used to and I’m starting to think about
    retraining. What as, I have no idea. I’ve done years of training and
    qualifying and it feels like a huge waste to move on, but the right
  6. In your wildest dreams what would your ideal career be?
    It’s not particularly wild but I would love to be a nurse, I regret
    not pursuing it when I was younger. The vintage lover in me would
    loved to have trained in the 40s/50s in the days of scary matrons and
    starched caps.
  7. What is your biggest personal achievement to date or what are you most proud of?
    My first answer would be growing and giving birth to my beautiful
    son(now three), because the first six months were so hard due to
    crippling post-natal depression, however I’m more proud that I get up
    and live my life every single day when I struggle daily with anxiety.
  8. Who inspires you most?
    My son, hands down – he is living proof that dreams do come true and
    to see him grow and thrive makes me want to explode with pride.
    Without him, I don’t know where I would be.
  9. If you could have dinner with 5 people, 3 living and two dead (not at
    the time of the meal – they wouldn’t be very good company) who would
    it be and why?
    Tough question. Okay, number one would be Michael Palin, his travel
    programmes and books fascinate me and make me want to travel the
    world. Second would be The Queen, as she’s lived and ruled through
    however many years and I’d love an insight into the royal family.
    Third would be Katie Hopkins – we only ever hear her controversial and
    ill-timed comments and I’d like to see what she’s like in real life.
    For the final two, and the dead ones, number four would be Patrick
    Swayze because I bloody loved him and was gutted when he died and
    number five would be Mary from the Richard Marx song ‘Hazard’, because
    I *really* need to know who killed her.
  10. Pick either your most inspirational film, book, or album and tell us
    why you have chosen it
    Another tough one. It’s like picking a favourite child… okay, so
    I’m going to cheat and say Forrest Gump, because it’s one of my all
    time favourite movies and I love how despite all the odds Forrest
    randomly picks his way through life and it just makes you feel really
    good. And my close second would be the soundtrack from The Greatest
    Showman, because I love musicals and for some reason this one has got
    right under my skin. Love it.

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