Real Women #2 – Erica

Welcome to our Real Women section.

We decided it would be nice to learn more about the ladies who make up our fantastic Les Femmes Ensemble community.

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Let’s crack on
  1. Your name
    Erica Knight
  2. Your age (or thereabouts)
    40 and a bit
  3. What were you like as a child – do you feel that your personality was formed then, did anything happen to change it?
    I think I was fairly happy as a youngster but I think my home life played a big part in my personality as I grew. My father was a drinker and, given the choice of his family or booze, chose booze just after my 7th birthday. I have the most awful memory and don’t remember a lot from my childhood. It wasn’t that bad, it was just tumultuous.
  4. What were you like as a teenager/young adult – how was your personality different from that as a child?
    I’m not really sure. I feel like I was quite sulky but I was also funny (I think). I suffered from depression from my teens and self-harmed so I guess I was a bit up and down. A right little ray of sunshine, me!
  5. What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it? Is it what you originally trained to do?
    I am now a “stay-at-home-mum” / wannabe writer. I never dreamed in a million years I’d be writing. But I love it. I also love our group and have a passion for bringing people together.
  6. In your wildest dreams what would your ideal career be?
    I would really like to write. I’d sit in a garden in the South of France and plinkety plonk on my laptop. I wouldn’t have to concern myself about all the other nonsense with blogging – social media etc and just concentrate on writing and the group. Or a comedian. I’m not fussy.
  7. What is your biggest personal achievement to date or what are you most proud of?
    Not dying! Seriously, just not dying. I nearly died a couple of years ago after my first Crohn’s operation. I spent a week in intensive care and a month in hospital, Luca was two. Also, not killing myself, there really have been times when I have been close to it. So, there we are. Cheerful or what?
  8. Who inspires you most?
    This is a tough one. Funny women that are funny for a living like Katherine Ryan and Jo Brand – I wish I could do that. Activists that put themselves out there. Women that triumph over adversity. My mum
  9. If you could have dinner with 5 people, 3 living and two dead (not at the time of the meal – they wouldn’t be very good company) who would it be and why?
    Assuming they could all speak English at the meal –
    Joan of Arc, because, well, Joan of Arc!
    Freddie Mercury, I love Freddie, plus he’d put on a good after dinner show.
    Russell Brand because I like his politics and he’s funny.
    Jo Brand because I’ve admired her since I was in my teens-twenties. She was and is really outspoken and I’d enjoy her company and finally Keanu Reeves – I could get him drunk and try my luck (I wouldn’t really…maybe…)
  10. Pick either your most inspirational film, book, or album and tell us why you have chosen it.
    Pearl Jam Ten. Oh my! Eddie with his beautiful lyrics (and hair and face). My teens were not the same after finding grunge. The best antidote to all the boy bands out there.

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