Real Women #1 – Anna

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We decided it would be nice to learn more about the ladies who make up our fantastic Les Femmes Ensemble community.

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Let’s crack on
  1. Your name
  2. Your age (or thereabouts)
    39 *sadface*
  3. What were you like as a child – do you feel that your personality was formed then, did anything happen to change it?
    I don’t really recall what I was like.  I was definitely happy and  content with a lovely family and friends. My mum was a childminder so there was always a lot of kids about. I remember feeling I embarrassed myself a lot – nothing’s changed there!
  4. What were you like as a teenager/young adult – how was your personality different from that as a child?
    I was an OK teen – not particularly stroppy or argumentative. I do remember feeling very angry/low at times but was really conscious to keep it to myself. It was probably hormones and all those other joyous things. I flitted from friendship group to group as I tended to get on with lots of people but not really fit in anywhere. I’d say I was pretty funny and maybe popular but not in that popular girl way, more like one of the lads. I wasn’t particularly confident as a human.
  5. What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it? Is it what you originally trained to do?
    I don’t really have a job, I call blogging my job and make a little bit of money here and there but barely enough to call it a living. I’d like to write more, freelance maybe. I’m not trained to do anything per se but I studied Fine Art and Museum studies at Uni. I was really passionate about art and accessibility and art as a valuable outlet for EVERYONE educated or otherwise. Totally missed the boat there though. Luckily I’m still in a creative field, it’s easier to write with kids about than it is to paint or sculpt. Kind of.
  6. In your wildest dreams what would your ideal career be?
    OK, no barriers? I’d LOVE to open an art gallery/book shop/café in a small village in inland Cote D’Azur. I’d put on exhibitions of local artists monthly and if the venue was big enough run art workshops too. The book bit would be second hand books with a potential swap shop. The café would sell amazing coffee and pastries, like the love child of an afternoon tea and a café gourmand. It would have lovely outdoor seating, probably overlooking the village square.
  7. What is your biggest personal achievement to date or what are you most proud of?
    Did I tell you I climbed a mountain? Well I did. In 2016 I climbed Snowdon with Rory. OK it’s not Everest but it’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken physically and mentally. We didn’t even go up the easy bit, we went up the hard bit. It was bloody tough and I didn’t really enjoy it as I don’t like heights or risking death but I ploughed on through. I did ask the air rescue man collecting money at the top if he could get his helicopter to take me back down. He laughed. I don’t think he realised I was serious.
    Worse thing is I wasn’t even proud at first.  It took a day before I would actually allow myself to be proud of myself and recognise it as an achievement.
  8. Who inspires you most?
    OK, so. There are lots of inspirational people in my life.
    My Grandma walked across Germany as a teenager to get away from soldiers during WWII, she was a strong willed woman.
    My mum and dad are amazing humans, they’ve stayed together and strong through a lot of shitty times.
    I have an Aunt who married an American and buggered off to America as a teenager. Growing up I wanted to be just like her. Things might not have gone quite to plan but she has fought through and is a really interesting, well informed person who still inspires me.
    My sister has 4 kids and I do NOT have a clue how she does it without walking out.
    My brother will only see the good in people until they give him reason to think otherwise.
    I’m inspired by all of these people. I’d like to be a little of each of them.
  9. If you could have dinner with 5 people, 3 living and two dead (not at the time of the meal – they wouldn’t be very good company) who would it be and why?
    Ohhh this is a good one.
    I would choose –
    Reese Shearsmith, he is so darkly funny and really clever with it. I think I would just write down everything he said. I would love to be that funny.
    Katherine Ryan, a funny beautiful woman who again, knows her shit. I like someone with a quick brain.
    David Lynch, a modern surrealist! I’d love an insight into how that big old brain of his works. It’s almost on another plain!
    Rosa Parks, it took a strong soul to do what she did. To not only stand up for what she believed but also what was right and proper. To not allow herself to be cast aside. I’d have been shitting bricks but she just held her own. She’d have a lot of tales to tell.
    Frida Kahlo, despite all the shit life threw at her she refused to be a victim. She turned tragedy into strength – embraced her heritage and her womanness. Frida deserves a meal and a nice Chateauneuf du pape.
  10. Pick either your most inspirational film, book, or album and tell us why you have chosen it?
    Ahhh, to be that person with an inspirational book! Alas my favourite book is American Psycho, not very inspirational, more…bloody.
    I think my most inspirational film is Amelie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (watch all his films) it’s just so beautiful. A girl with a big heart and romantic ideals manages to effectively manipulate the lives of all her friends and neighbours in order to make them happy and therefore make her happy. I see it as making the best of what your given, appreciating the little things and the importance of creating happiness for happiness sake rather than for recognition and thanks.

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