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Bonjour et Bienvenue!

We are Anna & Erica and we are glad you have chosen to join us here at Les Femmes Ensemble.

We both blog independently from one another – Anna at Me, Annie Bee and Erica at The Incidental Parent but over the last few months we’ve been hankering for something different, something more…We want to take over the world!

 We originally started Les Femmes Ensemble as a Facebook group for women by women.
Despite both being Mums, we sometimes want to step away from that  (the role not the children) and just be us.
There are many wonderful spaces on the internet for Mums to ask questions and find an abundance of parenting advice and support but we felt there was a lack of space for women to get this same support and advice from other women.

The group then morphed into this site, a site where we hope to offer interesting and entertaining articles to you lovely ladies out there.

In our own words

“I’m Erica, I’m a forty something mother of two small(ish) boys. Eater of too much (but not meat), drinker of practically anything. I like nothing more than to make people laugh. If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit then I am possibly the lowest of the low – no, really.”

“I’m Anna attemping to navigate my way through life and swiftly heading toward middle age. I can oft be found dragging my two children along with one hand and clutching a glass of wine in the other. I’m hilarious, some might disagree. They’re wrong.”

We are open to suggestions and questions, if you have either then just get in touch.
We are ususally loitering on Facebook or Twitter.

Never asked questions

Why the French name?

We are both Francophiles, one of us even has a real life French boyfriend. Also, everything sounds better in French.

Are you those ‘feminist’ sorts?


Ahhhh so you’re radfem lesbians then!?

No but radfems, lesbians and all women are welcome to join us here.
Just be nice.


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